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Fresh Earth Farms Newsletter 1-22-2010

Farm Update

Most of the time spent this winter has been in the production of our new web site and blog.  Other than that the farm is pretty quiet.


Get your order in soon if you plan to join for the 2010 season.


We are in the final stages of implementing EggShare.  The supplier I have lined up raises chickens on pasture.  So not only are the eggs organic but the chickens get to run around outside and eat bugs!  I hope to have a better description soon.

The current incarnation is a dozen eggs each week over the course of the 19 week season.  This would equate to a season price of $75.  Please let me know if you are interested in this or if you have any suggestions.  We have a minimum order requirement so we need to make sure there is enough interest before we commit.

New Recipe Section

With the new web site comes a new recipe section.  Over the years members have explained how they prepare various vegetables.  All sounded delicious but the process/recipe never got recorded much less distributed.  So as a new feature of the web site – and to build greater community –  I’ve added a section for recipes.  It provides a menu based on the vegetables.  It can also be searched using the search feature of the web site. 

The goal is to eventually have not only recipes in the different sections but also storage tips, long-term storage techniques and other valuable information to help you use the vegetables to their greatest potential.

Now for the community part of community supported agriculture.  The web site is designed to allow members to have differing capabilities on what they can do.  Anyone can view anything on the web site.  However if you want to comment on something you need to register.  If you register you are a “subscriber”.  Subscribers are limited to adding comments.  So if you try a recipe you can add your comment to the recipe (e.g. add lime for even better flavor!)

For those who want to be far more helpful you can be upgraded to “Author” level.  As an author you are able to add posts to the web site.  So for those who have great recipes they would like to share I can set you up as an Author and help you get started loading recipes.  I have also created a small style guide to keep recipe formats as consistent as possible (e.g. all measurements written out, e.g. tablespoon instead of T, cup instead of c).  I can provide that to anyone inerested in lending a hand.

I hope we get a lot of people sharing their recipes with other members of the farm. 

Referral Credit

It is always worth mentioning that we give a $25 credit to your account for each new member who you referred to us.  Please have them put your name on the “Where did you learn about us?” line of the order form.

Drop Sites

We are still looking for more drop sites.  In particular we need a new Seward drop site.  And it seems there is always interest in Apply Valley/Eagan area.  If you are interested in being a drop site please contact me.

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