Fresh Earth Farms - CSA

Making the Bed

This week I fill you in on what’s up on the farm these days. I guess I do that every week…


This week we transition the farm from the cool Spring to the hot Summer. What does that mean? Maybe this newsletter will tell us.

Deerly Beloved

This week’s newsletter is our annual complaint about the deer. Maybe it is more like our weekly complain about the deer.

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

In this week’s newsletter I discuss the ramifications of having a constant supply of water provided by Mother Nature.

Monday Muddy Monday

Learn what happens when we get rain here on the farm. A hint can be found it this week’s newsletter’s title.

The Crow Bar

This week I’ll examine the role of crows and their affect on the farm.

Pesky Pests Part 1

In this week’s newsletter we discuss how we manage some pests without the use of pesticides. How cool is that!

Generational Divide

In this week’s newsletter we learn about how today’s young farmers think differently than the smarter, better looking, older farmers.