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Due to circumstances beyond my control we are restarting our search for employees for 2024. You can find job details here. Spread the word!

Also spread the word about our VeggieShares and other shares. Orders are trickling in but we always need more (until we don’t). Order them from the store!

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I was originally going to write about how this mild winter will affect our farm this season but now instead maybe I should write about how this recent snow storm will affect our farm this season. The most surprising thing about these two events is that, despite being polar opposites, the answer to the question is exactly the same: “I don’t know!”

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Originally I was going to just leave it at that and end the newsletter just to be funny and because I don’t really know. However, I’ve noticed over the last many, many years there seems to be more “news” about the future than there is news about the past. People write about what they think will happen instead of reporting what did happen. This seems especially prevalent at the end of the year right after the “Top Stories of 2023” articles come out. Typical headlines sound like “How will the recent bridge collapse affect the farm seed supply?” “Will Taylor Swift influence the NFL draft?” “Is the eclipse a sign of the end the stock market bull run?” These reporters don’t know. It is all in the future. And I suspect that by writing these types of articles they don’t have to fact check since being about the future there are currently no facts to check. They could say anything and at the time of the writing of the article, they’d be right!

So with that I will tell you exactly what will happen this season based on the weather from this winter. This season will be exactly like every other season in that it will be absolutely unique and unlike anything in the past. It will have weather. It will have pests. It will have diseases. It will have successes. It will have failures. And it will have tasty, delicious, nutritious veggies. Of course the amounts of each of these will be unlike the amounts we’ve seen in the past and that is why it will be just like every other year — unique! And, if there are too many pests these tasty, delicious, nutritious veggies may be consumed before we harvest them but we will have them!


Anyway, other than wildly speculating what will occur the one thing I have noticed in the past is when the winters are mild more pests survive and multiply and become more difficult than in seasons with harsher winters. So I anticipate a lot of pest management this season.

And one last thought: a big benefit of this last storm is that I no longer have to consider getting the outdoor farming started early. That is a load off my mind!

Joke of the Week

What did one snowman say to the other?

Do you smell carrots?

I guess that is pretty much it. As always, do not hesitate if you have questions, comments, suggestions, share orders, or anything else you think I might find interesting!

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