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Fresh Earth Farms Newsletter 10-5-2010

We are coming up to the 17th week of the CSA season!  And as is customary here at Fresh Earth Farms the 17th week is the week we thank all the people who helped grow your food.  Or is it the 15th week we do that?  Maybe there isn’t a customary week.  Hmmmm.  Anyway, this is the week this season! 

We have been very fortunate to have a crew of workers who have performed beyond all expectations.  Some have been with us for many years; others are new and have been here only a month or two.  But all have done a wonderful job getting your produce from seed to you.

In order of seniority:  First we have Rebecca.  Rebecca has been with us for more years than I can remember.  She is our only “full time” employee.  As my brother has so eloquently stated, “She is the brains behind the operation.”  Many of you on-farm members have met Rebecca during my vacation.  She has taken a leadership role in the farm and is an invaluable asset.  I no longer have to be present for things to get done.  She’s taken a great load off my shoulders and I really appreciate her assistance.

Tied for second in seniority are Joe and Nancy.  Joe is a home schooled high-schooler who has been with us for a few years.  If there is something heavy to be lifted Joe is the first one to volunteer.  He, literally, has taken a load off my shoulders.

Nancy has also been with us for a few years as well.  She has found farming to be great exercise that brings her back to her roots.  Nancy usually makes it out for our planting events – though she missed this year’s garlic planting – so some of you have probably met her. 

Next in seniority is Matt.  Matt is another home schooled high schooler who has been with us a year less than Joe.  Like Joe, Matt provides the muscle when needed.  Unfortunately for us Matt is taking college courses during his senior year of High School so we lost his assistance here at the end of the season.

The rest of the crew are all new this season.  Maggie started helping out early this season and continues to work here this fall.  She has aspirations of starting a farm operation of some type.  I think working here has given her valuable experience to convince her to pursue a different career.

Debbie came to us early in the season to escape the artificial world of corporate America.  She was a quick study when it came to farm work.  She was also a quick study when she realized she could make a lot more money in cubeland.  We appreciated her help while she was here and we missed having her help harvest squash this fall.

Dennis and Jennifer are our only married couple workers.  When Dennis gets done with his night shift job he stops over to give us a hand diggin’ potatoes.  Makes you feel kinda lazy doesn’t he?  Jennifer helped out until she got extra hours at her regular job.

Last in seniority, but certainly not least in any respect, is Kate who came out to volunteer in August and continues to provide much appreciated assistance.  With her extensive background harvesting mangos in Nicaragua, she fit right in and has proven equally adept at harvesting squash.  She is known here as “Machete Kate”.  Why?  Because the name “Machete Dave” was already taken.

Wait, Kate is not last.  Heidi recently joined us as a volunteer this fall.  Heidi is looking to start a farm and needed to realize what hard work it really is.   We purposely give her all the nasty, dirty, heavy stuff.

That pretty much sums up the crew this year.  These are the people who make this farm work.  Without there excellent help we’d all be eatin’ dirt and weeds.  And I would have to get my lazy fat butt off the tractor.

What’s in store for us this week?  Well, we should have winter squash, pie pumpkins, onions, shallots, garlic, peppers, Brussels Sprouts, leeks, celery, edamame, potatoes, and a few other things I forget.

We have one more FruitShare for this season.  It will be here next Wednesday.  Then we are on to the winter FruitShares.  If you’d like to purchase delicious organic fruit for the winter please get your order to us by the end of the month, or earlier if possible.

MeatShare is done for the season.  Please pick up your MeatShare as soon as possible.

CheeseShare is done for the season.

We have fall decorations for FlowerShare starting with pumpkins this week.

There is always EggShare.

The WinterShares should be available next week.  If you ordered WinterShare please plan to pick it up at your usual pick-up location.

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